May 2, 2011

Sweet Easter

We celebrated Easter among our family in the Tri-Cities. On Saturday morning, Lilly and Avery went to an egg hunt at Horn Rapids. It was over in 5 minutes or less, but it was very cute.

After the egg hunt, we went back to the Anderson's and colored eggs. Addisyn, Harper and Lilly did a wonderful job, while I felt like Avery was just a bit too young for the activity. She was quite a little terror and insisted that she be on top of the table with the colored dye. Little stinker...

That evening, Luanne tended our kids while we went to the production of The Savior of The World, a musical put on by the Richland Stake in the LDS church. It was phenomenal. Thanks Mom and Dad Lichfield for getting us the tickets. It was fun to be there with my brother, Rob, and his wife Kathrynn. It really got me in the mood for the true meaning of Easter.

On Easter morning the girls woke up and searched for their baskets hidden by the Easter Bunny. Lilly's was not hidden well, but she loved her goodies. Avery was hilarious as usual and really had no clue what was happening. You gotta check out her bed head!!! She makes me laugh.

We went to the Shoreline Ward in Richland with the Anderson's and I felt the Spirit very strongly. The girls looked adorable in their pink, puffy dresses. Avery didn't like wearing hers as much. She kept saying..."Out, out." Thanks to Mom and Dad Anderson for those fancy dresses.

I had a beautiful moment with Lilly yesterday while I was helping get her ready for bed. We were reading the illustrated scriptures and she randomly stopped me while I was reading and told me the whole story of Easter. She said,
"Mom, did you know Jesus died for us in the garden of Gethsemane?" (With perfect punctuation might I add.)I said,
"Yes, I did."
Then she told me how he bled for us and then was taken to a cross and died. She told about Mary Magdalene and the apostles rolling a rock in front of His tomb, along with his white clothing He was buried in. It was absolutely amazing. Lilly amazes me everyday. It was such a tender sweet moment. She told me she learned that all from primary at church. Let's just say that we'll be continuing going to primary. :)


NaDell said...

I love Avery's hair. Beautiful girls and pretty dresses. Very sweet memory of Lilly telling you about Easter. Love those times.

Erin said...

We're seriously going to have to talk about when you are in the Tri-Cities and we'll meet you there! I miss talking to you! You'd think I'd be past it after what?- 2 years? But no, I still miss you!

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