April 26, 2011


Last Monday Shane and I dropped our kids off at my mom's for 5 days and headed off to Gilbert, AZ to visit my sister, AMY, and her family. We enjoyed every minute together. When we first got there we had lunch at the ever so famous and talked about, Cafe Rio. I had the BBQ pulled pork salad and it was delicious. Let's just say we spent a lot of time eating during this trip... We love to eat!!!!

My beautiful sister, Amy, getting her feet wet in the hot tub. We both were a little slow to get in the pool because it was pretty cold. We both say it just takes us some time to warm up.

Amy and I getting some sun. Boy did I ever get some...The Panama Jacks SPF 8 didn't do a thing for me. Shane and I both fried. We'd do that a bit different next time.

Me and my honey. He was NOT slow to get in. They had a basketball hoop by the pool and Shane and I enjoyed shooting some hoops while we hung in the pool. As a side note, I think I could handle having a pool at my own house some day. :)

After a couple hours in the sun Shane and Jeremy headed off to have some manly bonding on the golf course.

They are both so handsome. I guess the golf course turned out to be a doosy, but they still had fun.

Meanwhile, Amy and I did this. We ate Shane's mouth watering good BBQ wings. Amy made a yummy salad and we had french fries. After dinner we went shopping to the San Tan outdoor mall. My best finds came from Macy's. I found 2 adorable dressy black skirts that Amy and I both tried on and fell in love with. Our men met us at the mall and we went and got 4 giant cupcakes that we all cut in half and shared. My lemon raspberry cupcake was the best I must say. After the dessert we found a redbox and I picked out a horrible movie for us all to watch. I have a bad history lately of picking out really poor movies. I can't ever remember what it was called but it starred Matt Damon. Sorry guys.
The next day Shane, Amy and I put together a daybed for my niece, Baylie.

Shane decided he needed a headlight to get the job done properly.

He's cute even burnt and with a light on his head. He was very determined to get that bed done right. My sister said she heard someone once say, "If your marriage can last while you put IKEA furniture together, it can last through anything." It did have it's frustrating moments.
Wednesday evening we went to special friends of the Anderson's family, the Brown's house, for dinner. Ben was one of the missionaries that helped convert their family into the church. He holds a dear place in all our our hearts. We love their family. Kelly made an amazing dinner and it was fun to enjoy a little time with their kids, Damon, and Ellie.

The following night we went to a Thai restaurant with them as well as my sister and her husband, Jeremy. It was my very first time trying Thai food and I was very impressed. It was a lovely meal with lots of people we love.
After, we went to a cake shop and had cake pops. They were a bit pricey, but they were delicious. I snapped a couple pictures of the shop because it was so cute.

Some of my favorite memories are shopping with Amy. The last day we were there, she chose all the clothes I tried on and she did an awesome job. Sometimes it's nice to get someone else's opinion.

My niece, Baylie, is a very accomplished singer and song writer. As you can tell, she plays the guitar as well. She played me a couple of her songs the night before I left and they were beautiful. Thanks Bay.
It was an awesome getaway. I'll be missing The Bowman's for a long time. It was nice to get home to our own little ones though. My Mom did an amazing job caring for them. Sorry for all the late nights with Avery. I love you Mom!!!


Erin said...

Looks like so much fun!! I can't even imagine how nice it must be to have a 5 day break from mommyhood. So fun!

The Hokansons said...

It looks like you had so fun Erica! It's nice to spend some time as a couple and away from the kiddos sometimes. Does Amy live in AZ or were you all just visiting? I love your swim suit by the way!
love ya.

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