March 30, 2011

As of Lately...

Well, the girls and I went and bought Tangled last night. When we got home we quickly put on the movie and enjoyed every single moment. It was my first time seeing the movie and I thought it was pure delight! I remember as a child being fascinated with the story of Rapunzel... I even had dreams about it last night. Nice work Disney!

Shane finally has purchased a second car to replace our old paint-peeling freebie, that we are forever grateful for. He just needed a bit more reliable car since his job may demand that he travel. He found a 2005 Toyota Corolla in really great shape in Lewiston, Idaho. He is tickled with his find and I'm tickled that the whole process is over. Shane loves the hunt for a car. I think he'll be pleased with this basic commuter car. He is in the Tri-Cities now so the girls and I have had some time to hang out by ourselves. I have to say I don't sleep well without Shane beside me. We're ready to have him back.

Shane has accepted a job with Albertson's Savon Pharmacy here in Yakima, WA. It just makes sense for now, but he's still on the prowl for something bigger and better. Actually we're just looking for something with some better hours. He'll work four tens and will most likely not have the weekends off. I can't complain too much, but it will be an adjustment getting used to him not getting home until 8:30PM. We'll make do. We are just grateful for a PAYING job.
We are looking to move into a rental home for a couple years so we can save up to buy a house of our own. I think it's the best option for now since we don't know how long we'll be in Yakima. I anticipate having a back yard and some storage space. I'll keep you all posted on where we end up renting. I am praying we get to stay in the Terres Heights area of Yakima.
Shane graduates from Pharmacy School the first weekend in May. I can't believe that day is drawing so near. I told Shane I NEED to get a new outfit for the occasion. He laughed...too bad I was serious. :) I'm going to be working on getting some graduation announcements out soon.

(I like all these pieces, but I don't necessarily think they should go together. I'm just having fun!)
Lilly has been taking free swimming lessons from our local YMCA this whole week. She absolutely loves it. She is the most animated little swimmer I've ever seen complete with a big smile plastered all over her face the entire time! I'm hoping to get her into some gymnastics and possibly some dance classes this spring/summer. She is ready to be involved. She is so super social it makes me laugh. I don't think there's a shy bone in her body.
Avery bug is the sweetest baby there is. She is old enough to go into the nursery at church and the workers said she never cried once the first time there. She is so pleasant---most of the time of course. Night time is still a different story, but I wouldn't trade her for the world. She lights up our lives.
Life is good. We're making progress.


Erin said...

Congratulations to Shane on the new job! It's so exciting that you guys are finally done! Miss you!

Carrie said...

We really do need to get together before we split...I'll call you:) And we are finally on a breakthrough with Cody and sleeping! SO I'm sure things will work out sooner for Avery, but I'll have to let you know what we did...just in case;)

Jennie Stanfield said...

Love reading all the updates since we haven't been able to "connect" lately. Ahhh, this time thing is a killer. I'm so tired right now I'm going to go drop. I sure love you and I'm thinking about you always. Keep your chin up. So many great things to come!