January 3, 2011

Lilly Turns 4!

Over the little Christmas vacation, we had a big family birthday party for Lilly. We all met at Chuck E Cheese this year. We played all the games, ate pizza and giant cupcakes and then Lil opened all her fun presents. It was so much fun!

Classic Papa Kerry shot with Shane's cousin, Patrick and girlfriend, Marla. Thanks for coming you guys.

Lilly with my favorite gift she received. Shane's Aunt Mar got her a complete outfit from The Gap including these oh-so-stinkin'-cute rain boots. She wears them daily.

Beautiful Aunt Ariel and Avery bug. Ariel was brave enough to hold Avery while she was eating a very messy cupcake.

The whole Anderson bunch. I love these guys!

Lilly making her wish and thinking about eating her delicious cupcake.

Aren't those giant cupcakes so pretty? Papa Kerry pretty much decorated all of them. He is so creative. I can always count on his help.

The gang was all there! I love family!!! We have thee most supportive family ever.

Lilly you are so loved! We adore you my little pinkalicious sweetie!


Erin said...

I can't believe she's 4!! Time flies and she looks so grown up!! We still miss you guys!!

Jennie Stanfield said...

That was one huge party...sorry we missed out on it. Lil is getting so tall and is absolutely beautiful. So fun to have this update. Love you.

The Hokansons said...

Wow, that is one BIG party! How fun. Happy Birthday Lilly!

Kylene said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lilly!

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