January 7, 2011


Christmas Eve in front of the Anderson's enormous Christmas Tree. The kids are in their new Christmas jammies...a tradition I've insisted that our little family begin.

Christmas morning--Santa's little helper. She is so cute.

My girls all smiles and ready for Santa. Lilly woke up at 5:30AM on Christmas morning and was NOT going back to bed. How could I make her?

Lilly's favorite gift by far--HER LADYBUG PILLOW PET.

The girls gift from Nana and Papa Anderson...a kitchen. They were so excited.

Beautiful memories with our beautiful families.


Erin said...

So cute! I love your long hair!! My kids got a kitchen too, not as cool as your though!

Jennie Stanfield said...

How fun! I love to see the little sweeties on Christmas morning...so cute! What fun kitchen for the girls. They will love that.