January 31, 2011

A beautiful weekend

On Thursday morning I packed up some things and my kiddos and headed to the Tri-Cities. I love that we live just an hour from family. I just needed a little change of scenery. We got to my mom's and enjoyed a lovely lunch together and after the kids naps we headed to my nephew, Kaleb's first wrestling match. Well I've never been to a wrestling match so it was my first as well. It was exciting to say the least,but it was harder to watch when it was Kaleb's turn. He did remarkably well, but it's hard to watch someone you love wrestle I think. I wanted to get out there and wrestle the tall, skinny boy he was competing with myself. I enjoyed it tremendously.
That evening my niece, Lauren, came over and played with my Lilly for like 3 hours straight. That was a little treat for me and Lil. It was sweet to see them play so well together even though they are 4 years apart. My sister, Wendy, and the rest of her family went to a live comedy show performance by Brian Regan. She shared some hilarious material that he performed. It sounded like they had a wonderful time.
On Friday my sweet Dad had the day off from work and he agreed to tend my kids while I attended a very memorable funeral with my mother. One of my friends from Yakima was struggling because her mother-in-law tragically died in a car accident and the timing worked out perfectly that I could attend the funeral and support her. We are not best friends, but I felt the Spirit prompt me that I should go and I'm so glad I listened. As she came into the chapel just following the casket, her eyes instantly connected with mine and we both welled up with tears. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that we will be able to reunite with our deceased loved ones again.
After the funeral, my Dad and I went to Lowe's hardware store to look for some building materials. We are building some storage shelves together for both my girls' rooms. I'm so, so excited to spend some time with my Dad and also to have some beautiful furniture that will be handmade.

This is what it's going to look like, only cuter because I'm putting bead board on the back and sides. I'm so excited.
My Dad and the kids and I headed off to my nephew, Kade's basketball game in Kennewick after Lowe's. Kade did awesome! It's just so fun to be there and be apart of their lives. I love my family.
Later that evening Wendy and Lauren came over and we got to share some yummy Italian food and laugh and play. I already feel like I could go back for another escape.
Shane is beginning his last 6 week rotation one week from today and then we'll be DONE WITH PHARMACY SCHOOL!!!! It's gone by so fast. I can't believe he graduates in May! He is still on the prowl for a job. I keep praying we'll find just the right one, but it's looking like the market is pretty saturated with Pharmacists around these parts. We may be moving somewhere far away....or not! Bottom line---nobody knows at this point. We just know we'll go together. :)


Erin said...

Oh Erica how I miss you!! I'm so excited for you guys to finish school. I wish it was us! I think Shane should look for a job around Pullman;-)

Carrie said...

Maybe you guys should look for jobs in Oklahoma:) We love you!

The Hokansons said...

Um, I'm pretty sure Afton Wy is in need of you guys! That would be so fun! I love your shelves!