November 22, 2010

The Magic of Ordinary Days

I have to share about my day on Saturday because I don't want to forget the sweet feelings I had. It was a very normal Saturday. We all were hanging out around the house. Shane went to go put the snow tires on his car. After he got home he went up to the computer to look for possible jobs to apply for. ( Yes, we are going to be applying for jobs, real jobs where you get paid.)
It was about nap time for both girls, but I was feeling particularly cabin-fever-ish so I insisted that we all go to the mall as a family and we could give each other gift suggestions for Christmas. First we went to Costco and the girls did well, then we ventured to Macey's. I have to say there was magic in the store. Christmas music flowed from the speakers and everyone was busily going about their day thinking of others. It was beautiful. Even if the kids did get a bit cranky, it was beautiful. I just love being together. Whenever all of us are out in public together as a family...Lilly announces to everyone, "Look at our happy family." It's so cute.
After the window shopping, we went out to eat at Red Robin. Yes, this was a big treat for us because we rarely EVER go out to eat. The kids got a bit more cranky. Avery leaked through her diaper in the restaurant and I ended up having to change her on the front seat of our car because both of my kids have had a phobia of the height of changing tables in restaurants and public places. I didn't have anywhere to dispose of the diaper that was convient, so it went in the car with us. What a joy ride home!!! Lilly and Avery were fighting over the pink balloon in the back, the car smells like a trash can and I'm just laughing the whole time. It was a classic raising little kids moment.
When we arrived home I drew a bath for my girls. Everything was looking up until Avery had another accident in the tub!!! This was the first time she'd ever done that. I grabbed the little ladies out of the bath and we got them in jammies.
Since Lilly didn't have a nap and woke up around 5:30AM, she was done for the day. I ended up putting her in bed at 6:10. Avery went to bed shortly after.
After all of this was said and done, Shane looked at me and said, "We've had a bit too much family time today." I laughed and said, "No, way, I'd do it all over again tomorrow."
I was looking forward to a long evening alone with my honey, but he fell fast asleep at 7PM. I'm still laughing.


Erin said...

That is so our life too. But, it's what makes it fun!

Jill and Joel Gibb said...

I love it, atleast you can look at the bright side while so many others would look at it as a negative experience. I wish i was more like you Erica!