November 15, 2010

Lilly's first Primary Program

Sunday was Lil's first primary program that she was participating in. I couldn't be more proud of our beautiful growing little girl. She said her line so perfectly...
"Be kind to my Mom, Dad and sister."
We could all understand her and she didn't get nervous at all. I got her a new outfit for the event and boy did she look darling. Her cousin, Addisyn, and Nana and Papa came from the Tri-Cities to be with us on her special day.

I adore this photo of Shane's Mom (aka Nana) and Lilly. They are both so beautiful in that rich purple color.

Cousin, Addisyn and Lil. They had such a fun day together.

Before church Luanne managed to snap a quick picture of our entire family. This was the first photo we've had taken all together since Avery's birth pretty much. Shane is not crazy about family pictures... I just wish the silly fence wasn't in the background. Hey, it's better than nothing though.

Avery has been taking her first steps. It's so cute and it's about time. She is the cutest kid. She gets so excited. These pictures are horrible, but it gives you the idea.

Shane boasts that she'll be walking at Thanksgiving. I think we've got a little bit more practice to go, but who knows. :)


Erin said...

So cute!! I love that color purple too. It's so fun to see our girls growing up and in primary! You look great in that family picture! Love your long hair!

bowman family said...

Lil did a great job! She was so cute in primary too. She kept asking us why Addisyn was in her class! She was very confused:)

The Hokansons said...

You do have the cutest girls! Lilly looked so cute in her little outfit. And I think your family picture is very cute! I don't think you guys could take a bad one.

Jennie Stanfield said...

What little sweeties! Soooo cute! And I do love the much fun. Thanks again for the package and the chat yesterday. Love you!