October 9, 2010

My Name is Khan

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Shane came home with the movie, My Name is Khan last night. My first impression was that it was going to be a total doosie, but I was mostly wrong. The movie really moved both of us. We both cried and laughed. There is definitely a political agenda that I don't agree with, but for the most part we were very uplifted. Be aware that it is quite long---quite possibly 3 hours. Rent it! Tell me what you think.


Genevieve and Ryan Davis said...

Cute blog Erica! Your family is so sweet! I am so glad you guys moved into the ward, you better stay awhile!

Natalie said...

What a cute bunch of halloween trick or treaters you hang out with. Your girls looked adorable!

So Erica, I rented this movie after I read about it on your blog1 I loved the first 90 minutes, the love story was so sweet. However, the second 90 minutes we're a little over the top and slightly ridiculous. Thank you for the recommendation, Josh and I don't watch bollywood films very often :).

PS: Oh here in Georgia, we do have electricity and boats, I thought I'd clarify that just in case the movie made you think other wise :).

Carrie said...

Personally I LOVED it...thanks for the recommendation!