August 9, 2010

Wyoming Adventures

The kids and I ventured to Star Valley, Wyoming to be together with The Call Family. My mother is one of 14 children. They grew up in a small farmhouse which they have now transformed into a museum. There were over 300 people at this gathering. I have 96 first cousins so, it was crazy to say the least. My mom and many of her other brothers and sisters worked so hard to make this an amazing event. They dedicated a brand new building which they call the barn. It will be used for many years to come--bringing families together.

A few nights after I got my kids to bed, we'd take a walk up the canyon. I can't think of many places in the world that could be any more beautiful. We are just missing my sweet sister, Jennie.

This is a photo of some of the grandkids from my family that were present, along with my 94 year old, Grandma, Bessie. Isn't she adorable? I love her!!!

This picture is just following the ribbon cutting ceremony. All the little kids let go of their balloons and we all cheered.

This is my dear Aunt Ruth, the youngest of the 14 kids in the family, and my Lilly. Sweet Aunt Ruth was so cute with Lilly. They made giant magical bubbles together.

Lilly pie--cheesing it up for the camera.

Kathy and the kids were able to make the long journey to the reunion as well. Here's little Grant.

After a busy day of bubbles, buggy rides, ribbon cutting and delicious spudnuts, we ended the evening with a program. Cherie Call is an accomplished singer and songwriter and she just happens to be my cousin. She is amazing if you haven't heard her music. You can buy her CD's at most any church bookstore.

Here's some more bubble fun. This is one of the only pictures I'm in since ironically my camera ran out of batteries.

Let's hear it for Grandma Call!

This is kinda a funny picture of my beautiful cousin, Cally, and her husband, Kory and kids. They let me come stay at their house for 4 nights. We had a great time catching up. Cally and I roomed together for a semester at BYU-Idaho. I love her!!!

Seriously, feeding time at the zoo! So many people, but such good food.

My little mamma working so hard in the brand new beautiful kitchen. You're amazing Mom!

They had a little blow up toy for all the kids. Lilly came and visited many times.

Tetherball was a hit as well.

Now this was the BIGGEST hit for the kids. Lilly would run off and I couldn't find her. 90 percent of the time---this is where she was. People later told me she refused to get off. She was absolutely covered in dirt when I finally had to come and pull her out so other kids could have a chance to enjoy a ride. She is so funny.

My lovely sister, Amy, and her daughter, Amalie. They flew all the way from Louisville, Kentucky to be with us.

My sister, Katie, and her two youngest daughters, Emma and Lia.

My uncle Gregg giving Amy and Jeremy a carriage ride.

A beautiful view of the canyon.

These next three pictures are different angles of the new barn that was just built.

We are very grateful that we belong to such an amazing family. We come from a long line of LOVE! It was quite an adventure.

(Thanks to my Uncle Darrell for taking most of these photographs.)


bowman family said...

The barn looks beautiful. I'm glad you survived all the adventures:)

Erin said...

Wow!! It looks like a lot of fun!! We still miss you guys! I'll have to call you soon!

The Hokansons said...

Wow Erica, that is a nice picture you took. I didn't even know you took one. It's amazing how all of us could be looking so funny!
I am so glad that you made it to the reunion. It was so fun to catch up. We will do better at staying in touch. Love ya!