June 22, 2010

Nine Months Today!

My baby is nine months old today and I'm having a hard time believing it! She is seriously the sweetest baby. I could hold, squeeze and love on her all day. She is so content and mild mannered. Her little smile just melts my heart.

Here are some things I want to remember about her...

She has three teeth. The bottom two and one on the top. Her smile cracks me up with just the one tooth on top.
She LOVES Lilly's baby dolls. She even says ba-ba when we encourage her to.
She is not crawling yet. She army crawls on a very rare basis, but she is just so content to just sit.
She doesn't like to put weight on her legs.
She loves to eat. She likes all vegetables and enjoys her baby cereal mixed with fruit in the mornings.
At her last Dr. Appt. she weighed 17 lbs. 4 oz.
Her thighs are super chunky and kissable.
She lights up when her big sister, Lilly, is near.

I want her to stay just the way she is. I know all too well that in the next couple months she's going to be a movin' and a shakin' and getting into everything so, I'm just basking in every moment until then. :)


Carrie said...

Oh how we miss you. I hope you love it in Yakima this year. One more year to go!!! I can't wait to see where we end up. Avery is a cutie pie:)

Erin said...

She is super cute!! Time flies when they are so young and cute!

The Hokansons said...

You have the cutest kids Erica! I am hopeing to meet them at the reunion! Are you coming? I would especially love to see you.

Scott & Jess said...

Awe, she's getting so big!! She is one beautiful baby! Do you guys visit Tri-Cities a lot now that you live closer? We should get together!