January 26, 2010

Shane's Big 28

My man's birthday was December 28th. Too bad I'm posting this a month late, but hey better now than never.
On his big day, My sister, Wendy, her 3 kids, and my sister, Jennie, and her hubby and 3 kids headed over to the church to play some basketball together. We missed Tory because he was working on fixing up The Christensen's new home in preparation for them to move in. We are so excited for them, but we missed you, Tory. We played a very lively game of bump and a little 3 on 3. We enjoyed some good times with the Lichfield's this holiday. I love my family so much.

For dinner that evening Jennie and Jake, Wendy and Tory and Shane and I all went out to dinner at Shane's favorite restaurant, Red Robin. The birthday boy ordered his usual Bonzai Burger. Thanks Mom and Dad Lichfield for watching our Lilly and Avery.

After Red Robin, it was back to the Lichfield's to enjoy Shane's favorite black magic birthday cake. It has 8 Milky Way candy bars in it. It's divine if I must say so myself. I love you Shane.

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The Hokansons said...

Happy Birthday Shane! It is fun to see pictures of all you guys! Sounds like you had a great day!