January 5, 2010

Lilly's Birthday

I'm playing a little catch up. It's amazing how the month of December flew by. I still can't believe we've moved into a new year.
Lilly's 3rd birthday was on December 18th. On the actual day we didn't do a whole lot. I convinced Shane that we needed to go to Red Robin for dinner. Lilly picked out a new favorite shirt, we gave her giant Lego's, The Princess and the Frog book and The Three Bears book. It was pretty simple, but she loved it. I think her favorite part of the day was at the restaurant where everyone sang happy birthday and she got to eat an enormous ice cream sundae all by herself. After our yummy dinner we headed over to Target and walked around for like an hour while Lil walked up and down the toy isle pointing out things she liked.
We had a huge family party at my Mom's house in the Tri-Cities four days later. I asked Lilly about a month prior to her big day what she wanted. This little 2 year old knew exactly what she'd like for her birthday....
"I'd like a pink butterfly cake, party hats, and a pinata."
Everyone needs to hear the way she says pinata. She sounds very authentically Hispanic. (Thanks Dora!)

This is the finished butterfly cake. I think it turned out so cute! My mom helped a whole bunch and Shane definitely put some work in as well. DARLING!

This picture just says it all. She was so pleased with her pink butterfly cake, pinata and party hats.

Avery was a dream baby as usual. Aunt Wendy made her giggle louder than I've ever heard. I love the party hat!

Shane taught Lil how to hold three fingers up to show that she is three. She was so excited to have her cousins celebrate with her.

Hitting the pinata.

Hitting the pinata even harder.

After all the kids took a couple turns hitting the pinata we brought in the designated hitter KALEB!!! He ripped that unicorn up very nicely.

And the treasured prize!!!

Everyone making silly faces. I love this picture.

Our little family. What a perfect party with good food and family. Happy Birthday my sweet Lilly.


Kylene said...

Happy Birthday Lilly!

So fun to see these pictures. The cake looks so cute! Pictures of Aunt Jill always make me smile.

Happy New Year!

Natalie said...

I cannot believe Lilly is already three! You have such a cute family and great job on the cake :)

Erin said...

Cute cute Erica!! I'm impressed by the cake!

bowman family said...

Lilly is so cute! I can't believe she is 3!!

Jennie Stanfield said...

I love that cake! How fun...nothing like a huge family birthday party to say, "I love you Lilly!" Wish we could have joined in the fun. Love you.

Bob said...

What a fun party it was! Fun to see the pictures.
Love you, Grandma and Grandpa