November 29, 2009

Showered With Love

About 4 weeks ago, we all went to the Tri-Cities to have Avery's blessing. On Halloween morning Luanne, and Shane's Aunt Mar, through Avery a baby shower. It was simply perfect. A few of my close friends came along with Shane's Aunts, and my sisters. It was so sweet to celebrate my sweet Avery.

Some of my dear friends... It was so fun to see my sister-in-law, Kathy, Kim Bowman and Jess Forsyth. I have the best girlfriends.

I had to snap a couple pictures of the decor. Simply elegant I would say...

The tables---We devoured various quiches, Divine pumpkin muffins, fresh fruit and more.

Great Grandma Pam and my sister, Wendy, with the guest of honor.

Here's Lilly's cousin, Addy. They love each other so much.

This one shows a little more of their personality. They are both so beautiful.

My niece, Lauren and Addy and Lilly. They had their own little table.

My sweet mother-in-law. She worked so hard to make everything lovely. I love her!

My sister, Katie, lives in Utah, so she was unable to attend the shower, but she sent the cutest gift. A homemade blankie with soft minkie fabric. Avery snuggles up in it daily. Thank you Katie! We missed you!

The little girlies did such a good job helping me open the gifts. I love how excited they get---oh who am I kidding!? I was excited too. I was given some gorgeous gifts. Thanks to everyone.

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bowman family said...

I'm so sorry my eyes are closed!!!I blink in every picture. I am truly a photographers worst nightmare!!!I had a great time visiting with you though. Avery is a sweetheart.