August 20, 2009

Lichfield Gathering

Over a month ago...(this is obviously a long overdo post) My sister, Katie, and her family, Jennie and her kids and Kathy and Robby all came into town to spend a few days together. Naturally I had to be there to enjoy the family togetherness. Shane had to work so Lilly and I went and had a good visit. Here are some pictures of our trip.

Here is Grant and Lilly. They are only one week apart in age. They were each snuggling their stuffed animals.

Another of Grant and Lil. I love how it looks like they are telling cousin secrets here.

One evening we all had a big BBQ at Columbia Point Park. We ate yummy food, the kids played on the toys and Grandpa Lich took the kids fishing. I love this picture because it looks like they are combining their fishing power with their poles. Well, sadly nobody caught anything, but they sure had a good time.

Lilly LOVES her Uncle Andy. She clings to him like no other when he is around. He is so sweet to her. Lilly couldn't get enough of Grandma's books.

Evan and Lilly enjoying a true summer joy---POPSICLES!!!

She could have eaten the whole box. I have to admit they did hit the spot--even for a preggy lady.

Grant and Lil once again outside by Grandma Lich's blow-up pool.

My sister-in-law, Kathy, is due with her second child only a week before me again!!! It's so weird how our first kids were a week apart and I bet these second little girls will be only a week apart too. I'm 29 weeks here and boy has my belly grown since these pictures. I'll have to post a more recent picture soon.


Scott & Jess said...

Erica, you so are cute pregnant!! You are looking really good. How is life in Spokane? Do you have a name picked out for the little one? Hope you guys are doing well. Miss you!

Shaila Lou said...

Ah, look how cute your little prego belly is. I could have rubbed your belly the whole time when I was with you! I hope you call me soon after you have her so that I can plan a trip to come take some pictures! I can't wait. I love you girl! Give Lilly a kiss for me!