June 28, 2009

Weekend at Nana's

We went to the Tri-Cities this weekend to enjoy some good times with Nana and Papa Anderson. Luanne's best friend from college, Carla, came into town from Utah so we got to see her too. We loved every minute!

Right when we got to Nana's she had some home cookin' all prepared for us---straight from KFC! It hit the spot. Then we all headed out to Cool Desert Nights on George Washington Way in Richland. There were tons of people and lots of old cars. My favorite part was my cookie dough blizzard from DQ. What a perfect way to end a beautiful summer evening. I snapped this picture of Lil and Addisyn on the lawn. Such cute little cousins.

On Saturday morning Shane went golfing with his parents and Carla. They had a wonderful time and invited Lilly and I to join them for lunch at Chapala Express, our favorite Mexican restaurant. After our yummy lunch, we picked up Addy and we all went swimming at the Horn Rapids Pool. Nana was definitely the favorite to playmate. Here they are singing ring around the rosies.

They have the coolest little kids pool complete with a fountain.

Lilly's startled reaction to the fountain. I love the look on her face here. I just see pure joy in both Luanne and Lil's faces.

Luanne and Carla---best friends for life. Carla actually played a HUGE part in Luanne's decision to join the LDS church. That inspired choice has changed so many lives including my own. Thank you Carla!

A moment with Mommy and baby sister in my tummy. Boy am I white---especially up to my little Indian brown daughter.

These girls are so cute together.

Doesn't get sweeter than that! Cousin Love!!!

This morning we woke up to Nana and Papa fixing us a yummy, hot breakfast. Lilly insisted on helping mix the eggs. Addisyn wanted a turn as well. Lilly wasn't too fond of giving up her whisk.

Nana gave the girls a bath this morning. She made them into unicorns. Again, I love the faces...

I snapped these pictures of Lil on Saturday morning. I love my little girl.

I asked Lilly if we should put on her blue outfit and she said oh yes, she wanted to wear her blue elephant.

I can't forget to mention that I got to go and watch my sister-in-law, Ariel, dance at a Fever arena football game on Saturday evening. It was so fun to watch her in action. She is such a beautiful girl and talented dancer. The game was tons of fun to watch too because it was so fast paced. I was very surprised how much I got into it. Carla actually owned an arena football team at one point in her life so it was interesting to sit by her and hear all of her insights.

Until next time---what a fun weekend that I won't soon forget!


Scott & Jess said...

How Fun! :) You should have called, we were in town too, it would have been nice to see you! You are looking so darn cute, and I cant beleive how big Lilly is getting!

ATeamplus1 said...

Hey do you think you could send me the pictures of the girls together? I love them, they are so cute...who has June for the Calendar, these are perfect...