October 28, 2008

Lil Stinker 2007

I'm so excited to post pictures of her this year! Oh, and the costume from last year fits her like a glove this year. She loves to dress up in her skunk costume.


NaDell said...

SO CUTE! I love those costumes! It will be nice and warm too. Smart.
Have a Happy Halloween.

Amy Bowman said...

Love the skunk! What a cutie pie! Happy stinkin' Haunting!
Love you!

The GosFam said...

Cute costume, Matt's new baby brother is going to be a skunk this year. Who could pass up such a cute costume.

kellyjbrown said...

Hello strangers! We miss the Anderson family. I especially miss my little Lilly's "scrunchy" smiles. Your blog is so cute! Give everyone huggs from the Brown clan. Love ~ Kelly