June 28, 2008

Jr. Gardener In Training

We have really settled into our "unsettled" Yakima home. We are living in the house my parents bought while we work on the little apartment next door. My brother, Rob, and his family are here now and we are sharing the house until the apartment becomes livable. It's been an adventure. There truly hasn't been much time to get bored which I love. The house has a beautiful yard full of flowers, a large garden and even a little waterfall. We spend the majority of the time outdoors.

Lilly with both of her amazing and beautiful grandmas.

Both grandmas taught her to say flower. Now it's one of her favorite words.

Here is Lil literally getting down and dirty. I've never seen a little girl like the dirt so much. I think she's going to be a total tomboy. She loves the garden the most when it's MUDDY. Go figure.

A close up of my little honey covered in dirt.

Lil likes the dirt so much that she even likes to give it a good lick. That's not chocolate you see around her mouth...it's DIRT! You'd think after tasting dirt once or twice you would never want to put it back in your mouth---NOT THIS LITTLE ONE. Mud pie anyone???

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The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

What an experience to be living with your bro and his fam now! I'm glad you're staying busy so you aren't too bored! Lilly sure looks cute...even when she is all dirty!