May 19, 2008

My Man Has His Bachelors...

I'm playing a little catch up since Shane and I have been here and there and everywhere in the past three weeks. Shane graduated with his Bachelors in Biology on May 3rd. We are so proud of him. Only three more years of Pharm school and we are done...and then I may get back into school. Learning sure is a never ending process.

I thought this photo was very appropriate because Shane is such a WSU and golf fan!

Lilly hung out with Papa Anderson a lot during the graduation while Luanne and I tried to get some good photos. Thanks Papa.

A photo I got of Shane from a long way away. It's not the greatest, but we were at a really funny angle. Can you find my honey?

Oh what a wonderful day, full of family, food, and celebrating. I love you Shanie.

Luanne carried Lilly on her shoulders back to the car and I just thought it was too cute.
After the ceremony we all went out to Dennys for breakfast and then Shane and I packed our bags for Kentucky the next couple of hours. Next, we were all off to Spokane to stay the night in a horrid little hotel. Yikes, I won't be visiting that place ever again... And Sunday we were on various planes to Kentucky!


Sarah said...

Yay! congrats shane! good luck to you guys with the next bout of schooling. :) lily is getting so big! how was kentucky? how'd she do with all the traveling?

Jennie Stanfield said...

Congratulations you guys! Erica...I have to tell you, you look hot. I love your hair cut!

Wendy Christensen said...

Congratulations to you both!! :) More adventure ahead!!!

The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

Congrats Shane! We saw you gradutating too, in fact I took a picture!