May 21, 2008

More Kentucky

I still had a few more photos I wanted to post from our recent trip to Louisville, KY. We went to visit my sister, Amy, and her sweet family. We made some lasting memories.

This is my beautiful sister, Amy, in her lovely bedroom that I fell in love with. This picture doesn't do justice, but it is breathtaking.

Little Ashlie sitting like a big girl in Amy's bedroom.

OK, so this is a game Amy's husband, Jeremy, plays with their 18 month old daughter, Ashlie. He places her on the top of the refrigerator and tells her to trust daddy. She jumps in his arms excitedly every time with no hesitation. Jeremy put Lilly up there and I wish I would have snapped a picture of the expression on her face. She obviously did not trust her Uncle Jeremy enough to budge an inch from the fridge. It was hilarious.

Ashlie---trusting her Daddy wholeheartedly and giggling all the way down.

We enjoyed some very yummy food while we were there. Shane and I made his famous authentic Italian Lasagna. It was a big hit as always.

On Mother's Day, Jeremy decided he'd make us homemade french fries around 10PM. They were so tasty. Don't you just love a man in chef's uniform? My sister, Katie, actually made that for him for Christmas one year. Nice work Katie!

Shane and Jeremy got some good manly bonding in while we were there. One night they went out on a boat on the Ohio river. The plan was to find a restaurant along the way. There was only one problem, it started to rain and then it poured. When they got back to the house they were soaked to the bone. On a different day they went to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. I have to admit I was a little jealous.

My lovies.

My lovies and me.

Ashlie and Lilly playing the piano. Ashlie intended to seriously study and play the music while Lilly wanted to climb on top of the piano.

I love the look on Lilly's face. Pure Joy!

Amy helping Lil ride the cutest rocking horse I've ever seen. Now look how hot my sister looks at 7 months pregnant with her 5th baby! We can't wait to see little Anson.

After Amalie and Kelsie got back from school one day, they fixed Kelsie's hair up like this. I think they put every single clip they owned in her hair. It was pretty funny.

We love you Bowmans and miss you. Thanks for a fabulous visit.


Wendy Christensen said...

These Kentucky shots are so fun ... :) Cheers to wonderful trips that linger and linger!!

The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

So many more cute pictures!! Way to make sure you took a lot. Amy is way cute, and she does look really good!

I'm so jealous of the vaction. Someday when Matt's done with school, I think I'll take a honeymoon with him!

Jennie Stanfield said...

Fun, fun, fun! I can't get enough Bowman/Anderson vacation shots. Thanks for sharing those Erica!

Kylene said...

Very fun pics! Rod does the exact thing with my girls and the top of the fridge. Amy looks amazing! Beautiful as always.

(I LOVE her room too!)

jlynnsf24 said...

You guys look like you had a blast! Lilly is getting so big! Hope you guys are doing well. Give us a call if you guys are even in town...we miss you!!

Heather said...

Hey, call me if you are going to be around for a few days...we should do something before we both take off on our new adventures.
BTW...super cute pictures. It sounds like you had a great vacation. How fun!!!

Stephanie said...

Wow your sister has a really nice house!! I would love a kitchen like that. It was nice to get to see you guys the other day. Good luck in Yakima :)

Stephanie said...

Wow your sister has a really nice house. I would love a kitchen like that!! It was nice to see you guys the other day. Good luck in Yakima!

Courtney said...

Erica! This is Courtney Maxfield. I have a blog now! we should be friends! your little girl is getting so big and so cute. hope all is well!

Kera said...

it looks GORGEOUS there! wow. what a cute family you both have. I absolutely LOVE the fridge pictures. That is too cute.

Alan and Christie said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip. You and your sisters look so much a like! Amy's bedroom is so nice...hope we all have one like that soon! How are you guys doing? I still love the new hair :)

Nat and Josh said...

Oh, what a fun trip Erica! Next time you'll have to swing down to Georgia and vist me and Josh :).

AlexandAnnaMiller said...

ERika your blog is so adorable and so fun to read! i love your hair by the way!

Amy Bowman said...

Hey you! Nice blog. We really enjoyed having you all here. could you email me the pics of me and precious playing "trust daddy". The ones with her on the fridge and jumping off.

Thanks Rica!!