April 16, 2008

Chillin' With The Lichfield's

We went to visit our families back in the Tri-Cities last weekend and it was so BEAUTIFUL! We stayed at my Mom's house and we truly enjoyed seeing Rob, Kathy, and little Grant.
We got there Friday and we hung out with Grandma Lichfield most of the day since Grandpa Lich went fishing.(Good for you Dad!) Here is Lil and my Mom preparing a yummy dinner for us.

Like I said, it was so gorgeous outside that I had to go around and snap some pictures of my parents house. This is where I grew up. The house started very small and then my Dad added on and then added on some more.

This is a view of the house from the backyard. Dad just recently painted the deck. Isn't it beautiful? My dad is amazing. Many memories came back to me as I was walking around. Shane and my wedding reception was in this very backyard not that long ago.

I had to take this photo because I'm so envious of the warm weather and spring flowers sprouting up everywhere. Our house was always encircled with flowers. I hope one day that my home will be colored with blossoms as well.

After dinner Mom gave Lilly quite the bath---or should I say Lilly gave us a bath! She learned from her cousin Addisyn to really splash in the tub. Seriously, by the time she was done, I don't think there was much water in the tub! :)

Lilly had a bit of an obsession with the water spout. Mom and I got a good laugh out of this. Good thing Mom's house is always sparkling clean--including the bathtub.

On Saturday morning, Mom, Kathy and I went for a little adventure down by the river. Mom and I were planning on riding bikes, but I decided to run with Kathy instead. I didn't think I'd be able to go very far since I run like once every 2 weeks, but we ended up running over 4 miles. I don't think any of us wanted to stop because it was so beautiful outside.

After my run, I noticed that my best friend growing up, Wendy Potter, was across the street from my parent's house visiting her Grandma. It was SO, SO fun to see her. She is getting married in August and I get to be one of her bridesmaids. Just guess what color we are wearing...GOLD! I can't say that I've ever worn anything gold, or even wanted to wear anything gold, but it will be something different for sure. My Mom and I are going to make the dress. I love Wendy and I'm so excited for her!

This is my sweet brother, Rob, with his son, Grant, and our Lilly. These kids are only a week apart.

Little Grant walking around like crazy. He is about the cutest kid you will ever see. We call him a Precious Moments boy.

Thanks Mom and Dad Lichfield for letting us stay at your home. We love you. We only wish we would have had a little more time with Rob, Kathy and Grant. When Shane, Lil and I pulled back into Pullman it was SNOWING. Are you kidding me!!!??


The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I bet Tri-cities was so so warm. Way to go on running 4 miles!! You are quite the cross country star. I saw Shane today and it seems like forever since I've seen you guys. We need to get together. Are you still going home for the summer?

Wendy Christensen said...

Erica - I'm sorry we didn't get together while you were in town!! I was too busy being in love :) ... Great shots of Mom & Dad's house!!

Jennie Stanfield said...

Well...it's good to see a post from you Sister. So fun to see all the photos. I'd need to chat with you about your visit home!

Kylene said...

Pictures of Aunt Jill just make me smile! Good job on your run. When's your half marathon?

Wendy Christensen said...

I love the changes you made to the top of your blog - very cute! :)

Nat and Josh said...

Oh how fun! I can't believe you saw Wendy! I haven't talked to her for ages...tell that girl she needs a blog :). You look as beautiful as ever Erica my dear...

Lacey said...

What cuties... and your heading is cute too, are you going to let me in on how you make it so cute?