March 24, 2008

A Chilly Visit to the Park

I've been so anxious for for some warm weather lately. I looked out the window this afternoon and the bright sun was high in the sky. I thought to myself...I wanna go to the Park!!! I called my friend, Carrie, and she came with her cutie petootie son, Cody. Let's just say it was a bit chilly. It ended up being a quick visit because the wind made it quite brisk. I cannot wait for some warmer weather... Bring on the sun!

Cody was the cutest thing when he went down the slide. He got the biggest grin across his face even before he went down. I love Cody. He is such a little sweetie.

Here is a picture of Carrie and Cody. We are so glad you came to Pullman.

And here are the two little munchkins together on the swings. Thanks for a fun park visit Carrie.


bowman family said...

Hey Erica- You heard right, we are moving to Yakima! Mason got an awesome job at a clinic, so we are off to the "Palm Springs of Wa." :) we are moving in May, so tell your family to look us up. There are some great places & not so great places to live. Have a great day ( even if it never warms up)!!!

The GosFam said...
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Carrie said...

Erica, you are so cute. Everyone needs a friend like you! Thanks for the invite, even if it was chilly it was good to get out. We'll have to do it again when it gets warm.