February 18, 2008

Lichfield Gathering

For President's Day weekend, Shane, Lilly and I headed back to the Tri-Cities to have a visit with my side of the family. My sister, Katie, and her family came all the way from Utah. To say the least, this visit was much anticipated since Katie, Andy and her family had not even had the chance to meet Lilly. Jennie and Jake and kids came in from Seattle too and Wendy and Tory were able to come as well. Here are a few of the pictures I snapped.

Here is my brother-in-law, Tory, with his daughter, Lauren, (Jennie & Jake's) Adeline and (Katie and Andy's) Kallie. I thought this picture was adorable!

After Saturday's dinner, Evan (Jennie & Jake's) entertained his mommy and Uncle Tory with his reading skills. He is one smart little rascal. He is only 2 1/2 and he knows all his letters and sounds.

Jennie read Lauren, Addy and Kallie a book. Those girls are going to be cousin buddies the rest of their days.

Katie, Andy and their family went for a walk with Dad and Lilly and I on Saturday evening. It was so beautiful outside. Katie and I had to stop for a quick picture. I hardly have any photos with her.

Here's the Lund Family minus Kallie. I think she was off exploring.

This is my brother-in-law, Andy, (Katie's husband) and his daughter, Emma. Andy was lifting her and throwing her in the air with those big muscles of his. It made me smile to hear Emma's sweet little giggles.

My nephew, Kaleb, is reading Kallie (Katie's oldest) a story. I was so impressed with Kallie's intrest in learning and how cute of Kaleb to read to her.

Here is my absolutely beautiful sister, Katie, with her nearly two month old daughter, Lia Kate Lund. She was still so little. Isn't Katie the most natural looking mom? And I can't believe how good she looks. It seems crazy to think that a year ago I had a newborn.

I cannot begin to describe to you just how busy Lilly was at my parents home. There are stairs everywhere and of course all she wanted to do was...climb them! I just wish she knew how to come back down them as well as she can go up.

Emma played so sweet with Lilly. She is a whole year older than Lil, but you wouldn't guess it judging by their size. They both are wearing the same size clothes. Lilly just has a bit more chunk to her. More to LOVE I say.
All in all---it was a wonderful visit. I can't wait until the next time! Bring on the Lichfield Reunion 2008 in Walla Walla, WA. Wha--hoo!!! (Oh, I must say that we missed Kathy, Robby, Grant and the Bowman Bunch very much. We love you.


Wendy Christensen said...

It was such a fun weekend - nothing like getting together with family :)... Love you! Wendy

Jennie Stanfield said...

Erica...these are such cute photos...what a weekend! You look so beautiful in all these photos...especially the first one with little Lil. Sure love you!

Kera said...

Its so crazy that the Lunds lived just up the street from us. Ah memories. I just love Andy and love Katie. What a great couple they make.