February 3, 2008

Dinner and Visit with Baby Hardy

Shane and I were so excited to hear that our dear friends, The Hardy's, had their third baby boy. He doesn't have a name yet, but it was so fun to hold and cuddle him for a while. I even got Shane to hold him.

He looks so good with a baby.

Lilly started getting a little bored at the hospital so Shane went and found a red wagon and he pulled her around in it for a while.

I snapped a couple pictures of Shaila too. She looked for good---I looked horrible after I had Lilly, but you would have no clue that she just had a baby.

I have to confess that another reason why we were so elated that Shaila had the baby was that we really like going to the hospital to eat!!! Yes, to eat---the food is super cheap and yummy. It was a fun Saturday evening and a very necessary outting.


Kylene said...

Congrats to your cute friend. Also, I'm still laughing over that homemade snowsuit! Way to be innovative.

ps. So I went to the mall the yesterday and found the magic pants, tried them on, and holy smokes, they ROCK! Now, the trick is to convince my husband to let me buy them. :)

Shane, Erica & Lilly said...

You are so cute. I'm so happy you found the magic pants! Tell your hubby they will be your Valentine's gift. I use that one a lot. This year I've already told Shane I want a massage and this and that.... :)
Once Rod sees you in those babies--he'll want to buy them right away!

Matt, Shaila, Malcolm and Quinn said...

We loved you coming and seeing little Winston. Thanks for the gift you brought over yesterday. I'm glad you could come hold him again. He's been such a wonderful baby so far!

Wendy Christensen said...

Friends have a funny way of rubbing off on friends ...You'll be getting the 'baby #2' itch soon :)!!