January 10, 2008

My Snow Angels

This morning my car got stuck in the snow for the first time in my life. I was pulling into the WSU coliseum for my morning walk and my car just didn't make it. I was very scared at first because I was half way in the middle of the street. I turned on my hazard lights, got Lilly out of the car, and stood outside for a few minutes wondering what to do next. Two heavenly old men came from the coliseum to my rescue. A sweet girl on her way to class stopped to help me as well. That still wasn't enough muscle and manpower to help get the Camry out of the deep snow. Then came two Polynesian looking men to my aide. I'm guessing they were on the WSU football team by the way they were talking and their size. With all those little (and BIG) angels---my car was freed. I know Heavenly Father answered my little silent prayer in tiny Pullman, Washington. Thank you my little snow angels. I will never forget your kindness.


Matt, Shaila, Malcolm and Quinn said...

The same thing happened to Mandy as she was leaving yesterday. Luckily for her Bishop Udy was outside, got a shovel from his pickup and shoveled her out. Then an old man asked if he could drive her car out. How funny! When I went to go walk, they had finally decided to clean that up! Glad you got out safely!!

Jennie Stanfield said...

Such a sweet story. Thank goodness for good people in this world!!!