December 31, 2007

Christmas Memories

I can't believe how fast Christmas came and went this year. It was a memorable year. I stayed at my parents house for almost a week until Shane came for Christmas Eve Dinner. My mom made prime rib just for Shane!!! Thanks mom, you are the best. You try so hard. We planned on staying at the Anderson's that night, but we ended up staying at my parents. The Anderson's were calling us early Christmas morning because they were ready to get started opening gifts. We got over to their house around 8:30am and the fun began!!! Shane's mom and grandma were so sweet to fill our stockings for us. Thanks so much! I got some very needed kitchen utensils while Shane got a new beanie, belt and gift cards along with his very favorite candy--SKITTLES- baja flavor. They even bought Lilly a little stocking and put a veggytales movie and books inside.

The biggest surprise for me was my gift from Shane. He got me the Provo Craft Cricut! For all of you who don't know what it is--it's an electronic die cutting machine. It's truly awesome. I guess the day after Thanksgiving Shane's mom, Luanne, and Ariel's hubby, Alex, stood outside in the freezing cold for two hours in front of Michaels Arts and Crafts store. I tell you what--my mother-in-law is the biggest bargain shopper I've ever seen. You go girl! I'm excited to make all of my Christmas thank you cards with it.

I think Shane's favorite gift was all his new dressy work clothes. I don't think I know a man that likes clothes more than Shane. He is going to be lookin' smokin' hot in his new work clothes and his new jeans that I got him. I think you are so handsome honey. Check him out... Ariel and Alex brought over their wii to the Anderson's and shane had a lot of fun with it. I'm surprised he hasn't asked me for one.

Lilly's favorite gift was her gloworm from Nana. We call her Glowie Chloe. Great Grandma Nadine and Papa Jack got her an Elmo doll. She is scared sick of it at the moment. If I turn it on she pretty much jumps out of her skin and into my lap. I'm sure in only a few months she will be loving it.
One of my favorite memories this year was finding the Anderson Family pickle. Each year they have a tradition where mom and dad Anderson hide the pickle ornament in the Christmas tree somewhere. This year they decided to expand that idea and they hid the pickle outside. We were lucky that Ariel and Alex had to go to another family Christmas so there was only Shane, Justin and I left to search for the coveted pickle. I got a really lame picture of Shane searching outside in the front yard for it. Justin soon followed him outside and then I did as well. We ended up wrestling for that thing. I forgot to mention that there is incentive to find it...there is usually some amount of money involved. I couldn't believe that I FOUND THE PICKLE this year. (With a little bit of Shane's help.) I earned $20 bucks for getting it. Thank you Anderson's!!!

Anyway, it was a fun day--a little overstimulating for the kids, but very fun.


ATeamplus1 said...

You were lucky that we were gone. Alex and I were a little upset though. Mom told us she would give us directions when you got there, and we waited all night and morning. Then she put something on the tree. Alex was the most upset. Hey, I need to get the rest of my pictures off Cindy's camera, I had to give it back, she needed it, but then I will send them to you. Are you able to send me a bunch? I do love all the pictures you got! Hope to see you soon, we need to craft together, I am going to get a new cartridge. yay! Love you!

Matt, Shaila, Malcolm and Quinn said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. It's so nice to be able to spend it with family. I'm sure Lilly had a fun time with presents and cousins!