November 10, 2007

My Lil' Stinker

So Shane and I decided Lilly would be a skunk for Halloween this year. I originally wanted her to be a pea in a pod, while Shane on the other hand was convinced she needed to be a whoopie cushion. We compromised on a skunk. I ordered the costume online and the size was 6-18, yeah, I didn't think about how BIG of a size range that was. Let's just say the outfit is so big that she could probably wear it again next year for Halloween. Shane had a HUGE test on Thursday so he ended up studying the whole night of Halloween. I was so happy that Sabre Dahl and her kiddos, Brooklynn and Carson came over to visit.

I was equally happy when Scott, Jessica and Jackson Forsyth came to visit only a few minutes later. Jackson was all dressed up in his skunk costume so I decided Lilly had to get into her outfit as well. Oh, and it was totally unplanned that they both ended up being skunks this year. Funny, huh? I like to think Jackson was Pepe Le Pew and Lilly was his little lovie dovie.

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