November 28, 2007

I Dream Of Dancing--with my Hubby

Last night Shane and I were sitting back relaxing on the couch and watching a little TV. We were trying to find something to watch and I saw that the finale of Dancing With The Stars was on. Shane's not too big on the show so he decided to retire to bed. Me on the other hand, I LOVE IT! I have discovered that I have a deep dancing dream...I WANT TO BALLROOM DANCE. I took a class at BYU-Idaho and enjoyed it, but I think it would be so much more fun dancing with someone that you love and trust. I didn't necessarily trust or like any of the boys I danced with back then---but now I have SHANE. I have casually brought up the idea of taking a dance class together, but I've never seriously signed up for one. I know they give classes at our WSU recreation center. I'm going to check into it. If it's not too expensive...I'm going to try and convince Shane to dance with me. Who knows, it may not fit into his schedule with work and school...but someday.....WE WILL DANCE!!!
Well, back to Dancing With the Stars---my favorite dancers won Helio and Julianne! The show was quite inspiring to me.


Matt, Shaila, Malcolm and Quinn said...

I love dancing with the stars. It totally makes me want to dance too. They all look so elegant, and make it look so easy. Matt and I have actually talked about taking a class someday. It might have been his idea too. He's cute like that!

Munster and Web said...

Hey, I think everyone should at least try. I love dancing and I am glad that Steve actually took dancing at BYU. We hope to be competing later on in life. As for now our children are our priority.
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