January 5, 2012

December Favorites

I'm scratching my head wondering why I have no posts for the month of December. Then I think about how incredibly busy it was and I stop scratching. I'd like to post my top 10 happy moments of that memorable month.

Lilly turning 5 years old on the 18th. Nana and Papa Anderson and cousins, Addy and Harper came up to celebrate from the Tri-Cities. Grandma and Grandpa Lichfield and Rob and Kathy and Grant and Abby came as well and I can't forget Uncle Justin. We went to a sketchy looking bowling ally and enjoyed every second together. Then we went to Red Robin for lunch and homemade chocolate cupcakes. It was so delightful.
Participating in my first musical play since high school. I use to sing a lot in church when I was growing up, but haven't since I've been married. The Holy Ghost prompted me to raise my hand and volunteer to take on the role as Gabriella in an LDS play about the 10 virgins. It was inspiring and empowering to sing a solo. I loved getting to know some sweet sisters of all ages in our Relief Society.

Going caroling with the sweetest 8-11 year old girls. They truly make my life so much happier. I dressed up some fun Christmas plates with mouth watering treats and then we delivered them to many LDS families in our apartment complex. The girls sang so joyfully. There was no way you couldn't feel the true meaning of Christmas with those cheerful tunes in your ears.

Going out on a fun date with our friends, The Davis', to Creekside Grill and hitting target to do some barbie doll Christmas shopping after. I guess that's all we know since we both have only girls.

Spending countless hours and money on my favorite gift I've ever given... a homemade scrapbooked calender for my mother-in-law, Luanne. I am quite a perfectionist, so every page had to be just right. I created 14 calendar pages in all for not only Luanne, but 2 for my mother as well. All the hard work was totally worth it when I saw the look on Luanne's face---priceless!!!

Decorating our Christmas tree with our little family. The anticipation to put the red star on the top was overwhelming. It looked dazzling and Shane had to restrain me from leaving the twinkle lights on 24 hours a day. That little tree brought me so much joy.

Christmas music in my car. The girls favorite song was Jingle Bell Rock by Rascal Flats. I can't tell you how many times we "rocked out" to that one. My favorites this year were a song by my songwriting cousin, Cheri Call, and Silent Night. Avery still requests Silent Night before she goes to bed at night.

I loved spontaneously popping the girls in the car one night and driving up and down the streets of various neighborhoods so the girls could look at the lights. Avery cried and cried when we pulled back into our parking spot back home.

Building a community snowman with our neighbors. It also provoked a bit of a snowball fight as well. We love our neighborhood family!!!
Christmas morning was classic as usual. Shane and I woke up first around 6:45 AM. Both our girls were still asleep. The ironic part was that we didn't even have stockings for each other so we went through Shane's brother, Justin's, instead and tried to guess what each wrapped gift was. Shane went and woke up our girls. This year they especially loved their Mobigo's that were given to them by Nana and Papa Anderson.

New Year's Eve was a perfect way to end the year! My dear friend, Genevieve and I made a whole spread of Cafe' Rio food. It was to die for I must say. Our girls played and the adults played a game we received from my sister, Jennie, called Qwirkle. If you haven't played it---you're missing out!

What a lovely time of year. It was one of my favorite Christmas's ever! I know next year will be just as memorable. Goodbye 2011, you've been a big year! On to more adventures.

Merry "Late" Christmas 2011

Anderson’s Adventures in 2011

The year 2011 has been anticipated at the Anderson Household for over 4 years. It has finally come! The highlight of this year was Shane’s graduation from The WSU college of Pharmacy. Hello Dr. Anderson! On May 6th, we traveled to Spokane to commemorate and celebrate his accomplishments. We loved having Luanne and Kerry, Robert and Jill, Papa George and Grandma Pam, Grandma Nadine and Justin there to celebrate Shane’s big day. Way to go Shane! We did it!

After Shane’s graduation, life changed quickly. We had to start making grown-up, real-life decisions. Shane was offered a job at The Savon Pharmacy inside Albertson’s grocery store. He accepted the position, but I never felt at ease about our choice. I feared that Shane would become bored and unchallenged working as a retail Pharmacist. Our prayers were truly answered when another local employment opportunity became available at Comprehensive Mental Health.. We were enticed with wonderful hours, his own office and patients and prescribing power, under a physician. He is basically running the Methadone clinic, where patients are trying to stop addictive drug abuse. He also travels to the local jail a few times a week, meets with patients and prescribes their medications. He LOVES his job; therefore; I LOVE his job. I am so proud of the work that he is doing. He is truly making a difference by helping people improve their lives.

In Shane’s free time, if he isn’t playing golf, he’s dreaming about golf or practicing his swing. I found him outside with the kids a few times, golf club in hand, practicing his game while showing the kids how to hit the ball as well. He is very cute with the girls. They adore their Daddy. I love to see Shane crank up the music in the living room and bust out some dance moves with the girls.

Like Shane, I truly LOVE my full-time job as well. I feel so fortunate to get to stay home with our two little girls. They keep me hopping. I love their sweet hugs and kisses and their genuine little hearts. They are my greatest gift. I’ve also loved working with another big group of girls in our church. I get to plan and participate in activities for the 8-11 year old girls. I work with some of the greatest ladies and we have such a fun time together. The girls are delightful and get along beautifully. My favorite activity this year was caroling to some families in our ward. All the girls sang with such zeal and gusto. I was touched by the spirit that they brought with them as we shared songs about The Savior. Another favorite memory this past year was bonding with not only my immediate family, but with my extended families at both of my grandmother’s funeral services. I will miss my Grandma Bessie Call and Ruth Lichfield. I can’t wait to tell my girls about their great-grandmothers’ examples of faith, love, and service.

I cannot believe Lilly is turning 5 this month. She started preschool this fall and asks me daily if it’s a preschool day. She is reading and definitely has a thirst for knowledge. We say that her spirit is a lot older than her body. She loves getting her nails painted, craft projects and discussing who wants to marry her. She will be very ready to start kindergarten next fall.
Our sweet Avery Shae, turned 2 in September. She just plain warms our hearts. She is snuggly, nurturing and silly. She loves Dora, any kind of treats, and equality. She speaks remarkably well and always asks me when we are going to pick “Lil” up from school. Naturally, we go everywhere together—and naturally I couldn’t imagine it any other way.
Life is good. We are incredibly thankful for our family and our Heavenly Father. We are so grateful for our sweet friends and family that brighten up our lives.

With Love,
Shane, Erica, Lilly & Avery Anderson

November 4, 2011

Fairy Peacock and a Plump Ladybug

Lilly all jazzed up for her preschool Halloween Party. She actually wore her costume twice to preschool because I got confused as to when she was supposed to wear it. I picked Lil up from school on Friday before Halloween worried that she was probably embarrassed that she wore her costume and no one else did. I expressed my sympathy and she said, "I was totally supposed to dress up! What are you talking about?"
I love her confidence.
I love the view from the back.
Lil's bestie from preschool, Juliet. Such cuties.
My two sweeties after a very cold Halloween Trick or Treating. We went to an upscale neighborhood in Terrace Heights. I've never seen so many kids trick or treating in my life! It was crazy and awesome. Leticia and Mike Penning came along with their children, Victoria and Chase. It didn't last long with the freezing temperature but, we had a blast.
The girls chose suckers as their treats at the end of the night.
I love this blurry picture of Avery trick or treating. People would just stop and gawk at her. She looked adorable if I must say so myself. It was a very fun Halloween! We did miss my sister, Wendy, and her family along with my brother, Rob, and his family though. We love spending holidays with you guys.
Avery's puffy ladybug bum. Love, love it!

October 27, 2011

Preschool and the Pumpkin Patch

I went with Lilly to her first preschool fieldtrip to a pumpkin patch in Union Gap. She is loving her preschool class just as much as I am I think. I've been impressed with her teachers and it was just a delight to go spend time with them all.
Walking into the pumpkin patch...pleased and excited as ever!
This was when all the kids first go to the pumpkin patch and were looking over the balcony to check out what they were going to be doing.
The hay maze was one of the first activities they did. It was cute to watch all the little kids navigate through it together.
I think Lil's favorite part was the hay slide. The kids all waited patiently for their turns.
This picture is blurry, but I still love it. Lilly absolutely flew down the hay slide. Pure joy.
The chosen pumpkin. It didn't take her long to fall in love with this orange guy.
At the end of the field trip, the girls got to choose a pumpkin to take home. Look how cute they are!
On Saturday morning, Shane suprised everyone by rolling up his sleeves and carving pumpkins with the girls. I only have a picture of Avery's ghost pumpkin because Lilly's carved pumpkin wilted in the sun and we had to toss it. They enjoyed just spending time with each other. Shane did an awesome job carving. I know he loved every second.
This is what our front porch looks like with our Mr. Potato Head pumpkins. I love Fall.

October 26, 2011

A Visit with my Jennie

My sister, Jennie, made a trip out to Washington at the beginning of October. It was such a long awaited reunion. She is so important to me. I miss her like crazy since she's moved to Lexington, KY with her family for her husband, Jake's residency.
The Christensen clan, the Lichfield's and The Anderson's got together at my mom's home to watch conference together, eat the yummiest food, catch up and take a walk and play.
I had to snap this photo of Aunt Jennie with Lauren and Lilly. Jennie is so sweet and genuine and patient with kids. I want to be more like that.
Three cute girls that I adore! We were on our way to the playground in between conference sessions.
Jennie, Rob and I at the park with the kiddos. They are two of my all-time favorite people.
Jennie and my Mom made a trip up to Yakima to visit us. We took a walk with the kids, had a lovely lunch and Jennie read the girls lots of stories and snuggled them too.
Jennie is quite the artist. I already have one painting of hers in Avery's bedroom and then I requested she make another one for Lilly's room. Isn't it so cute? It goes perfectly with an owl rug in Lil's room.
Here's a silly picture of Lilly while Jennie was at our house. She entertained us for a while in those goggles.

I love you Jenn. Thanks for the memories. Hopefully I can come out to visit you soon, until then... there's always the phone, right??

September 30, 2011

Look Whoo Whoo is Two!!!

My baby, Avery, is two already! I can't believe how much I enjoy her. She is the sweetest thing. I love her bleach blonde hair, big brown eyes, kissable lips, silly laugh, snuggly hugs, and beautiful smile. Can you just stay two for a while???
These are the email invites that I sent out.

I made a little tree to go along with the owl theme and I made the little owls too. It was so fun. I love owls...can you tell? My sweet Mom came from the Tri-Cities to help me out with the party preparations. We had such a fun time just spending time together, especially working on the cake.

The cutest little girl ready to bite into that bird.

Our neighbors even got her an owl gift bag with the cutest sweater dress inside. I think that present was more for me. If they had it in my size, I'd totally wear it.

Our family on Avery's big day. We think we'll keep her....FOREVER! Her favorite gift had to be the baby doll set my Mom and Dad got her. She already knew the baby's name would be baby Lila after our neighbors baby girl.
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September 29, 2011

Oh to meet Betty Crocker

For breakfast this morning I made boxed banana nut muffins, cheesy eggs and some overcooked bacon. While we were sitting down enjoying the meal together Lilly says, "So, who put the walnuts in the muffins?" I said Betty Crocker. She then proceeded to ask if I had put the bananas in and other ingredients. I told her all I had to do was add milk, eggs and oil. She then says, "Mom, you and Betty Crocker work as a team, huh?" I told her yes. Then she says, "I hope I get to meet Betty Crocker someday." I agreed with her. I guess I probably should have told her Betty made the brownies last night for dessert too. I love the things kids say and I love that I can pop open a box and have muffins prepared in 5 minutes. I'm definitely not saying boxed food is better than homemade, but sometimes I think it is sent from heaven. :)